I’ve decided I’m going to do stuff in public now…

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

Carl Jung

I’ve spent a lot of time and effort in my life working on projects and analyses that I never intended to share with anyone else.

I’ve been creating sports “simulation” leagues, primarily in Microsoft Excel, since about age 13. These are leagues with imaginary teams, imaginary players, sometimes invented sports, and relatively simple algorithms for determining the results of “games”. Running season-after-season of simulations created a “world” with its own history of champions, great players, memorable “games”, and more. I did this simply because I like creating these worlds and hitting a fast-forward button that didn’t for the real life sports I loved to follow.

Could others have enjoyed following these “worlds” if I had shared them?

I once did a breakdown on the board game Splendor where I created a value system for the different cards that you play with in the base game.

Almost every year, I take on an analysis project that helps me win in Fantasy Football.

I created a Fantasy “Movie League” website around 2012, at least a year before websites like “Summer Movie League” existed.

I’ve spent hours creating and running Excel trainings as an extracurricular aspect of my day job, with exactly 0% chance of profiting directly from the trainings. (Caveat: This helped me progress in my career for a number of reasons, but I would consider that “indirect” profit, at best.)

I’ve decided to pull the trigger on putting my work “out there”.

The biggest downside of doing this is honestly the ego part. I think it’s valuable to stay humble. As an older millennial, I tend to scoff at those that affect a faux sense of importance as a result of vomiting their thoughts on social media and stumbling into a few followers and likes.

But hey, at this point in my life, I’ve probably gotten pretty good at a few things. There are almost certainly some things I can do that others will value. I have an inkling as to what those things are, so I’m going to throw them at a proverbial a wall and see what sticks.


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