Marquise Brown is King of the Bench – Fantasy Games Won (FGW) Week 10 Update

What is FGW? Check it out here:

One of the cool things – maybe the whole point – about keeping FGW stats is the fact that we can actually see which players have “wasted” the most performance on the bench.

The life of a Fantasy Football manager is having a player on your team have a huge week on the bench, followed by you starting him when he poops the bed. Straight to the bench, he goes off, you go off, life goes on.

Hollywood Brown by raw performance has been a near top 5 WR (8th most points scored, 6th biggest raw “impact” number), but he’s done almost all of his “performing” on the bench. His Fantasy Games Won number is 0.02, good for WR19 – merely an average starter.

Brown’s huge start to the season was capped off in Week 5, when he put up 29 points while only started in 29% of leagues. Since week 5, his % start has gone up from averaging 25% to 91%. Right on cue, he’s now scoring worse than the average fantasy starter.

Is it back to the Junior Varsity lineup for Hollywood?

Who Won (and lost) the Week?

  • Do you hear a bike? Oh sh*t, it’s DEEBO! Hide your sh*t! He’s gonna steal our wins!
  • Stefon Diggs could have probably set the single-game receptions record against the Jets, if they were so inclined to feed him accordingly.
  • Christian McCaffrey is back! If Derrick Henry is the T-800, Terminator, McCaffrey might be the T-1000. Less brute force, more prone to shattering, equally vulnerable to molten metal.
  • Andy Reid’s opinion of Darrel Williams is roughly 8,000 times that of any fantasy analyst.
  • Dalvin Cook is back in the top 10 the same week McCaffrey is. Come on, dance to your own tune.
  • Tyler Lockett doesn’t want me to be happy.
  • Cordarrelle Patterson f*cked up my formatting.
  • DK? Wait, I thought Russell Wilson was back this week? What did I miss?
  • Only 15% of owners were immunized against Rodgers’s Week 10. I was not.
  • Oh, there Russell is. That explains it.


  • Derrick Henry lapped the field so badly that Jonathan Taylor STILL HASN’T PASSED HIM.
  • Najee Harris, future top 5 fantasy pick.
  • Travis Kelce, permanent first round TE?
  • Remember to buy the dip on Tyreek Hill.
  • Really no “breakout” running backs contending for the top 10 yet.
  • Wondering where the kickers are? Well…
  • Aaron Rodgers returns to the LVP list.
  • A lot of stability this week for LVP. They’re getting benched, so the FGW scores are calcifying.
  • Tyler Lockett takes Robert Tonyan’s spot.
  • There’s a way I considered calculating “most frustrating player” that had Courtland Sutton as #1. For another week.
  • OBJ gaining some ground on A-Rob. This is exciting!

The Best and Worst Draft Picks of 2021

  • Jonathan Taylor has now passed Derrick Henry for the #2 best return on investment from the 2021 draft.
  • Deebo is all the way up to #4. It’s starting to look like Deebo was the real Mid-to-Late round steal of 2021, and it’s not really close anymore between him and Ja’Marr.
  • For a while it was looking like TJ Hockenson was the lottery ticket Middle Round Tight End of the year. Mark Andrews easily has that crown right now.
  • AJ Brown is the only player on this list with the juice (% started numbers) to really move up or down here.
  • CEH is ready to return and blow up our teams again! Woohoo!
  • Julio Jones as a Titan has basically been the same guy as Julio Jones as a Falcon, except for the uniforms, age, and the good fantasy games.

It’s starting to look like the perfect draft this year went something like: Late first round slot, Jonathan Taylor, Austin Ekeler, Mike Evans, Cooper Kupp, Tom Brady, Damien Harris, Deebo Samuel, Antonio Brown, Michael Carter, and Mike Gesicki. I haven’t tested that against actual week-by-week likely starting lineups, but that’s the schedule-independent value haul.

Isn’t it nice to be done with Kickers? Feels like we got a monkey off our back. The proverbial monkeys live on in the data below.

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