I Know It Was You, DeVonta Smith… You Broke My Heart – Fantasy Games Won Week 13 Update

What is FGW? Check it out here: https://byroncobalt.com/2021/09/19/introducing-the-fantasy-game-wins-fgw-fantasy-football-player-scoring-system/

Throughout the beginning of 2021, certain players exposed themselves as being Fantasy Football rats. Robert Tonyan, Brandon Aiyuk, Miles Sanders. Allen Robinson was the Mr. Orange for some, his owners entering Week 7 cradling the bloodied Bears wideout in their arms.

By about week 8, it seemed we had mostly sniffed the rats out of our ranks. Coinciding with that, the FGW LVP rankings seemed to calcify, with A-Rob leading the way. Safely out of starting lineups by the halfway point, he wasn’t hurt your lineup anymore.

It turns out there was another rat, and a fairly high-ranking officer as well. Many experts had him has a “hold” throughout the season, occasionally propping him up as a breakout candidate for a given week. A few strong weeks in the middle of the season earned our trust. But Week 13 was DeVonta Smith’s final betrayal.

Teams like this one were justified after Week 13 in giving that certain brother the Sicilian kiss of death.

Last place is taking Darlene from 2nd shift on a date

About that LVP leaderboard? We’ll get there in a moment…

Who Won The Week?

  • There’s the Kittle we’ve been waiting for! He waited until he the maximum possibility of trade by drafting manager before having his breakout.
  • Justin Jefferson is just a treasure, son.
  • Not looking forward to watching Mason Rudolph or Duck Hodges sail passes over Diontae Johnson’s head next year.
  • It seemed like Javonte got the ball on 97% of the Broncos plays Sunday night.
  • On a related note, David Montgomery is back.
  • Tom Brady making sure you’re going to feel uncomfortable benching him in 2024.
  • Another week where the Mahomes/Kelce and Mahomes/Hill stacks were brutal. I read an article back in the early 2000s that was against “stacks” for this reason. The idea seemed out of touch…but maybe it was ahead of its time. The same guy say Byron Leftwich would be be drafted 1st overall by the Jets.
  • Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs could have done a lot worse with that wind. My favorite moment of the Wind Bowl was easily the Mac Jones QB sneak on 3rd and 5.
  • Dak with another stomach punch. Should he be benched sometimes? Ugh.


  • A very business-like week for JT and Coop. No way anyone is catching them before the playoffs. Which, I think, will officially start in Week 15 for FGW.
  • Derrick Henry might not fall out of the top 4. He could still end up top 3.
  • Justin Jefferson has entered the chat. And he almost passed Deebo already.
  • One of the advantages of being a Tight End is bad weeks aren’t that much worse than an average Tight End starters.
  • Cooks and Sutton still getting started enough to get LVP votes.
  • And there it is! A new leader! Two things happened this week to enable DeVonta falling below A-Rob: 1. Allen Robinson got a boost with the updated Weekly-Ranks-to-% Started calculation, and 2. DeVonta was bad.
  • I was hopeful that Gardner Minshew against the Jets would be a good setup for DeVonta, but no. All the feeding went to Dallas Goedert.

They Were The Best of Picks, They Were The Worst of Picks

  • Not surprising: Justin Jefferson gaining ground.
  • More surprising: Diontae shooting up the board!
  • Most surprising: Gronk is back! Almost all the way back. Until he hurts his back.
  • Justin Herbert hasn’t been on the worst picks list, but it feels like he was, with how middling his start to the year was.
  • Cook and CEH, the fantasy football Tessio and Clemenza. For me, at least.
  • Mahomes has really dropped here. Like, wow, bottom 5 pick value. If you could cherry pick when to start him- which nobody would ever do – he’d have been amazing this year. Instead, he’s been one of the 5 worst picks of the year through 13 weeks.

The Full List

  • Observation of week 13: Sony Michel poking his head above water means he’s actually had a decent impact compared to his draft slot neighbors. The real purpose of the late rounds is to grab players with the chance to be impact players, and Michel was exactly that this week.

Try the spreadsheet. It’s the best in the city.

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