Dalvin Cook Just Found Out That He Was The Consensus #2 Pick – Fantasy Games Won (FGW) Week 14 Update

What is FGW? Check it out here: https://byroncobalt.com/2021/09/19/introducing-the-fantasy-game-wins-fgw-fantasy-football-player-scoring-system/

Dalvin Cook has actually gotten to the point where he has arguably earned his spot in the first round. Maybe not the #2 pick, but he’s actually #11 on the year in Fantasy Games Won. Nearly half of his FGW score came in Week 14, which doesn’t sound like the #11 player on the year, but it is.

Now, whenever I’ve brought up Cook’s struggles this year, a few people have rightfully chimed in with “But you gotsta have Mattison if you have Dalvin Cook!” If you did pull off the handcuff, he’s what you’re looking at each week:

Using the higher-started player for each week, the Cook/Mattison combo hits a season-long FGW of 1.28 so far. That would be a top 5 value so far. Given how middling other players taken around Mattison’s slot are, this is honestly a fair comparison. Using two slots for one player isn’t a great deal, but given how rare the diamonds in the rough seemed to be this year, it’s not that bad.

That should about do it for the merged-human running backs. Let’s check out how the regular humans did this week.

Who Won The Week?

  • Really, Kittle? We couldn’t have had, I dunno, maybe one of the two mega games back in the early part of the year? Sigh.
  • James Conner does what James Conner does because James Conner is James Conner. Unfortunately, 2021 might be something like the Terminator 2 installment of his career, which means we should be ready for a deep sea diving phase followed by a chick flick.
  • Didn’t Josh Allen have near 0 points through the first 58 minutes of the game this week?
  • Mark Andrews is…QB proof? Didn’t know he had it in him.
  • Since Week 8, Aaron Rodgers has either helped your win % by more than 10% or hurt your win % by more than 10%.
  • Starting to look like Marquise Brown’s useful weeks will forever be only on most managers’ benches.
  • Did the Chargers’ defense get injured this week?
  • I dare anyone to start Antonio Gibson or James Robinson in Week 15.
  • Haven’t actually see a lot of true donuts go up there from highly started players. Condolences to McLaurin managers, though they might get saved by the Tuesday rescheduling in Week 15.


  • Cooper Kupp getting bye week revenge on Jonathan Taylor! As we enter the playoffs next week, my general framework is going to be to throttle back impact based on the likeliness you made the playoffs with certain players. It’s not 100% clear to me how to do that yet, though, so I’m going to let it noodle around in my head a bit before committing to a method.
  • Nobody wants to pass Derrick Henry! Even if we put in a “sink” factor for missing games, I doubt it would pull him down more than a few points a week. The gap from Henry to Davante is pretty big.
  • The Project Mayhem receivers are no longer the majority shareholder of the LVP ‘top’ 10! Welcome to the LVP race, the Quarterbacks I Want To Fight Club.
  • Oh, also Miles Sanders is there.
  • Derek Carr doesn’t have a single week where he had positive FGW. Being consistently slightly below average is a very efficient way to be bad for your fantasy team.
  • A new LVP leader again! DeVonta with an excellent bye week performance pulls himself out of the cellar. Apparently A-Rob legitimately has some Mr. White-esque owners still writhing with him (I thought that scene ended weeks ago!) Dak comes screaming down the list to take over the bottom slot!
  • Dak has almost sunk my best team this year – one where I have both Ekeler and Jonathan Taylor. My receivers aren’t amazing, but with a duo like that, all he has to do is just not do what he’s done, but that’s exactly what he’s done.

They Were The Best Of Picks, They Were The Worst Of Picks

  • Just to put Cooper Kupp in perspective again – drafting Kupp and Allen Robinson, at their respective slots, would have been a better combination than drafting Davante Adams and Diontae Johnson at their respective slots (by combined dFGW).
  • Travis Kelce lost his top 2 Tight End in dFGW value before the Week 15 Thursday nighter. It’s legit, it’s not like anyone was dropping Kittle despite those bad weeks.
  • Holy crap Kittle is on the list now.
  • DK Metcalf misses Geno Smith, i.e. the Tyler Durden of the Quarterbacks I Want To Fight Club.
  • Dalvin was late to the party on delivering on his draft slot. Meanwhile McCaffrey’s like, can’t be late if you never show up!

The Full List

  • To hammer the point…if you’re sitting at 6-8 and on the outside looking in, and you drafted Amari Cooper over Cooper Kupp, CeeDee Lamb over Cooper Kupp, or even Evans/Godwin over Cooper Kupp, that may have been the difference between 6-8 and 8-6.

Here’s some data, so that you may perhaps pull a Dalvin Cook of your own and suddenly start succeeding in 2021.

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