In One Game, Ja’Marr Chase Became The 6th Best Fantasy Asset of 2021 – Fantasy Games Won (FGW) Season Recap

What is FGW? Check it out here:

I realized this week that “Fantasy Games Won”, as I conceived it, is really a regular season metric. The original logic for coming up with it went like this:

  1. Points are an incomplete measure of fantasy success, because not all points are scored have an equal impact on your chances of winning. What matters is your chances of winning.
  2. You can calculate the impact a player has on your chances of winning games, and track that across a full season instead.

I was missing the logical conclusion to this train of thought:

Regular season wins only matter insofar as they increase your chances of winning a championship.

So I’ve added a new calculation for the playoff weeks – Fantasy Championships Won (FCW). You take the % chance you have of making the playoffs with a player, then the % chances of winning in the Semifinals, and then the Finals. The product of those three percentages is the chance you won your league with a player, and thus the player’s FCW. Should be a decent comparison to ownership of players amongst championship teams.

First, let’s round up the usual suspects:

Who Won The Week?

Reminder: These numbers are small for small active fantasy team %
  • Davante Adams really likes the fantasy playoffs. Not sure if I’m complementing him here.
  • The eagles Bengals are coming! The Bengals are coming!
  • If you recall, Ja’Marr was deadly in the first half of the season. Him and Jonathan Taylor would have been an especially deadly combo this year.
  • Amon-Ra “Little Equanimeous” St. Brown getting up to 74% started by championship week – and it pays off! I think people saw Rashaad Penny’s good game coming, but the Amon-Ra start felt a lot more like a risk.
  • Actually a really rough week for the middling first round RBs – Zeke, Chubb, Dalvin.
  • Hey so guess who went against their gut and benched Sony Michel for RoJo this week?
  • Antonio Brown takes the spot of 2005 Steve Smith for dumbest exit for a fantasy-relevant player during championship week. Smith got ejected for grabbing a ref back in 2005, but at least he kept his shirt on.
  • I was actually on the phone with my mom watching Jets/Bucs when they showed a shirtless guy prancing in the end zone. Because my parents are old and still DVR games to watch later, like it’s 2002, I tried to not spoil it. Conversation went something like “…yeah, makes sense….yeah wait what the…hold on someone’s…uh…that was an interesting event. Anyway, did you start Antonio Brown today? I know you had Antonio Brown.”


  • I’m going to name the awards like the NHL does with their trophies:

2021 Most Valuable Player: Cooper Kupp
Trophy Name: Cooper Kupp’s Golden Barrel

Because Coopers make Barrels, duh.

2021 Least Valuable Player: Dak Prescott
The Dak Prescott Manager Memorial Trophy

In honor of those we lost this year.

Fantasy Championships Won (FCW)

  • Davante almost passed Coop!
  • With a raw FGW (not adjusted for activity) of 0.4 in the finals, Ja’Marr Chase owners won about 90% of their title games. That was almost valuable enough, on its own, to pass Jonathan Taylor and his mediocre playoffs.
  • Amon-Ra won me my only title this year. I should buy Amun-Re the board game to celebrate! Actually wait, it would be cheaper to get his jersey.
  • There is an Amun-Re card game, apparently. Here’s is a referral link if you want to buy it and pay me for revealing this fact.
  • Meanwhile, Matthew Stafford owners:

2021 Playoffs Most Valuable Player: Cooper Kupp
The Silver Davante Adams Apple

Silver because he was actually 2nd, but Cooper has an award named already.

2021 Playoffs Least Valuable Player: Matthew Stafford
The Staff of Fording

Sounds like a Skyrim weapon you’d never use.

The Were The Best Of Picks, They Were The Worst Of Picks

2021 Best Return On Investment: Cooper Kupp
The Plate of Jonathan Taylor Promise

Like something you’d eat off of in the late 90s. Again, Cooper already got his trophy name.

2021 Worst Return On Investment: Allen Robinson II
The Allen Robinson Bear Pelt

Like real bears, Allen Robinson has a track record of killing.

The Full List

Thanks to everyone that read the column this year! Especially those that commented on the reddit post. Or, upvoted it. Or read the title. Or scrolled past it with eyes closed. Looking forward to year 2!

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